Tuesday, August 18, 2009

'Oerend Hard'

I was talkin to magic about how i spent my vacation, this came out on top and becos of that im postin this right now for anyone who might be interested ^^

First things first, Oerend Hard is a skateboardfestival, it lasts 3 days and its located near a lake on a downhill course. (it slopes down to the left on the pic)

(click the pic to see the whole of it)

The course consists of a snakerun, a downhill and some bumps and banks in the bottom part.

Now for the Oerend Hard part. It's a 3 day festival, nothin more than booze, girls, skatin, havin fun, contests and everything you want ^^ unfortunately the major contests on sunday were cancelled this year due to rain

let the pictures speak for itself, the next links take you to photo galleries and a video

official site (with pics, vids and an english press release)


there is tons more to be found on the internet, party footy, more pics, etc. but this will do for now right ^^


Robley droppin bombs AGAIN.. Psychonaut Psychonaut PSYCHONAUT!

Go Robley, GO!!!
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Clay's non released Vice part from the OLD vice full..

Under...................rated.. Clay is beast. No one knows it because he's too busy dealing with our family.. And he has a life, too.

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Send Her Angels. SEND EM!!!
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This music is priceless...

Horsehead Drops a stupid good solo.. Redhook drops a lil sum sum on the Hood, too!

Redhook is doing thaaaaaangs
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2:06 of Hurtful stuff. Red drops dopeness!! Hoodlum!!

Straight from the Horses Head
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This is more than a bomb.. It's a mini NUCLEAR explosion. Holy madness! DON'T SLEEP ON HORSEHEAD!!! HOODLUM!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

35 ACTIVE Members. ACTIVE members. A serious post.

Eflixxx is Hoodlum's 35th active member!! Thirty-Fucking-FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man I used to be worried about our numbers. Fuck that. I aint worried about shit. We all throw down. We're all responsible for our teams but I want all of us to remember one thing..

We're still a team. There ain't no "I" in TEAM.

People.. Just because we have 35 ACTIVE members, doesn't mean you slack on your activity. If anything, you work HARDER because there are so many of us.

I also want us to skate together even more. I know some of us can be annoying to others but at the end of the day. We're a team. Regardless if you're on a branch or not. We were Hoodlum Family as a whole before the branches, and we're Hoodlum Family as a whole even on our branches...

Once again I have to say I'm psyched to have Flixxx on the team. It's crazy to see him reppin Hoodlum, now. We got your back man. It's REALLY time to throw down harder than ever.

Wanna know how DEEEEP we are?
Including inactive members. We're 45 deep. Eflixxx is the 45th Current member of Hoodlum.

Not adding the 3 who are confused as to whether they're apart of the team or not (i really dont count them because they're lost in life)

That makes 48. 2 short of 50 fucking members..

I'm not even gonna get into the branch that hasnt even been made yet. That's gonna knock the team up from an active 35 to an active 40+.. making us a whopping 50+ deep team.

50 fucking people.. Now you can bitch, complain and cry about the numbers alllll you want. Ain't no denying we're the biggest team to hit this game. but while you're doing all the bitching and complaining.. think about how dope and fortunate we are to have 35+ people we can call our team member and still call ourselves a team after almost 2 years coming October 22nd. 35+ people we can play not just skate with, but multiple games with. I've gotten a group of people together to have fun. Regardless of what game we play. That alone, makes it all worth it when you bring people together to have fun.

Think about the way we've taken this team shit to a new level. Ain't no such thing as TOO big anymore. Sure.. not a lot of people would want a 50+ member team. But who can say they have one on skate? I salute teams regardless of their team member count. (Shouts out to AnimalMachine, Frequency, The Golden Standard, Recession Free, PKS that's STILL here. And last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST.. Doppelganger. STILL HERE!!!! TOGETHER.. BANGIN!!!

I don't recruit for numbers. I'm also not afraid of the number anymore. I WILL however try to keep it at a minimum as much as I can but if the right skater comes along, i'll snatch him up. The "right" skater could mean anything. I won't say what but I will say I dig a fun person over skill any day.

Another thing you can't deny is our ridiculous ROBUST style spread. We have one if not THE most universal team on this game. You can't say we all skate the same. No 2 teams are alike. NO 2 TEAMS. You can't call us "robots". There is a style to suit every kind of person who watches our videos.

You got the ultra realistic..
You got the Realistic, but pushing the line, doing shit that makes you question its realism.
You got the "wild in your face"
You got the "FOR FUN" AND BANGING OUT, WITHOUTADOUBT, HIT And RUN kind of skaters.
You got the calm and mellow..
You got the RAW and LOUD..
You got the guys who just throw BANGER after BANGER.
You got the Seriously TECH-hit shit in ways you couldn't think of kind of skaters.
You got the MIXED guys who can play both sides of the fence with the skating..

And that can be just one of our teams at any given time :)

It goes on and on. You get my drift. We're like a one stop shop for all your viewing pleasures. Hahaha. That's what I wanted. I wanted a team that was well rounded and DOPE to whoever. We do this for us.. the props are an added bonus. Props are fun tho! :)

I'm glad to say I'm Hoodlum.
If you're a Hoodlum, you need to realize what you're taking on. You become 50+ people. You become the amount of people on your branch. You become apart of a group of people who love the hell out of this game and play the way they want no matter what people say. We've come a LONG way. We're just getting started tho :)


Friday, August 14, 2009

NYC SOLO!!! Mamba Throwing down NEW heat out of nowhere and Hostile drops their first ANYTHING!! Demz Replies with 1954's Commercial!!

Hostile? Oh yeah, those guys!

YES! we came out of nowhere, much? YES.. We're ON!!! Southie has been reppin by himself long enough. It's time to drop bombs!! HOODLUM!

Mamba Reppin' Hoodlum!!!

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Mamba droppin' some heat with this cold ass video. :) YES.. COLD HEAT. Hoodlum!!

Demzilla Replies with Love...
Watch more videos of Skate 2

And a heart full of Mercury. And he wants me to take a sip. Lovely LOVELY commercial from Demzilla himself!! Hoodlum!!!!!!!!

NYC Turned His Swag on to the MAX?? LOLOL

I Turn my swaaaaag onnNNnnnnnnnnnnn... NYC.. The only Soulja Boy song I can tolerate.
Solid video nonetheless. Hoodlum!!

Eflixxx comes to the Hood. PSYCHONAUT'd out! Bullet drops yet ANOTHER "Hurt yo face" solo(The Banger is rediculously clean) and Demzilla's Commercial.

FancyFeast Meets The Monster..
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FancyFeast Meets The Monster.. Southie and Demz gotdamn destroy everyting... GOTDEMZIT!!!!! South.. South is just as ill as you can get. I'd give MS points for this steeze. LOL!!! Hoodlum!!!!!

The Bullet... Here's a SOLO!

Bullet throws more hammers than Jill Valentine on pcp shooting zombies with dual M9F2S Berretta. He's RAW.. Homie just DOES IT... Thank you for the work, Bullet! Bustin your ass for the Fam! HOODLUM!!

EFLIXXX..... Holy Shit..

Watch more videos of Skate 2

Eflixxx is on the Team.. I'm at a loss for words. Out of pure excitement, and at the dramatic change in everything. I'm trying to compute and acknowledge what has just happened. Honestly I'm excited as hellll. Psychonaut has one hell of a new team member!! Welcome to the Family, Flixxx. Demz is gonna ask you for 20 bucks and Hitman is gonna challenge you to a "Who's Hardflip is Better" Contest. Which will last forever. Just ask Fallen. HOODLUM!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Milez presents: Waterfront

Theroy in a bottle full of weed. Smoke your theory's away with pleasent green. I forgot where I was going with this.. anyways.. Here's a new video.

Sean isn't ever lonely when he has weed in a bottle... :)


Berry's new promo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BANG.. BANG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why does this go so gotdamn hard, tho? I wish I used this song..

ROADKILL AND PLUG THROW IN HERE, SON!!! Too bad Ghost wasn't in it.. Sall good.


Plug's 11th SOLO!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

He's a machine. Period..
Plug. Ima call you Pringles.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Redhook has returned, Fam!!

Now I've personally never spoken to him until today. I've only heard things about him.. and they've all been GREAT. I've been real anxious about homie since I heard about em. They speak of Redhook highly. He vanished out of nowhere like Ruben Studdard when he used to wear them #5 Jerseys on American Idol.

Welcome to your new home, homie. I know your team has missed you.

No spooning... Only on saturday nights when we can ALL DO IT!!

Jk.. No homo... ?

GYM ALSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL Hoodlum'd out now. He's repping!!!!

He's been on the team 2 weeks and he's already repping hard as hell. Gym brought some serious meat market over the counter uncut RAW to the table..


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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shoutbox Signup..

So people have been asking how to get their own name in the shoutbox so they dont have to enter a name everytime..



Sign up for a shoutbox there. bam.

Sometimes you gotta "sign in" if you clear ur cookies or become inactive for too long. (Too long as in days)

Hoodlum Family Roster is officialllllllly LOCKED!

So for those of you who either..
took to long to get me a part..
took to many tries to get me something worthy..
waited forever to ask me.
didn't get an invite.

Good luck finding you a team.. with the exception of something absolutely amazing to be sent to my inbox causing me to break the all mighty ROSTER LOCK and add you on.

I still have a full branch I haven't made. But I'm only picking up the best of the best for that, or some really really cool peeps. But that's gonna say "Coming Soon" for a minute.

Noobtard wants back on.. He's gonna get put back on but he better actually play and fucking FILM...

K05T0N wants back on too. But he's gonna need a skate prayer, a u-haul for his overhaul and some patience if he's gonna get back on the Hood..

New motto..

No time for slackers.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Hits are Back !

well the good folks at Hitman123x's computer has put out a new trailer for the triumphant return of Saturday Hits and here ya go

Just Throwaway

Tired. Got in at 2:50 am. So... (Videos below this post)

Updates..(Check out the new video post under this post)

Soo many new videos below this post.. Hoodlum is getting back active!!!

The blog will be updated with a new skater. I just havent got my computer back in order. I will soon.

Working on Hostile Full Length.. Tittle pending..

Congrats to all the Hoods getting shouts in the cuz blog on their hard video work!!

Congrats to our very own NYCskateboarder for getting his video posted. and to all the other Hoodlum's as well..

I'll be off of aim for a bit. I don't feel like being bothered. I get hit up WAYYY too much when I sign on aim so if you have my number, txt me. Or if you know my "getaway aim" msg me there.

XBL in the pm. I'm dummy tired.


Bullets and a 5th of Jack.

DP's own Jack Barclay :)
Psychonaut's own Bullet..

Drunkshots... Literally.


Circus Tricks.... Mixed with Bullets?? Yes..

Bullet drops a strange yet, weirdly appealing video.. all i gotta say.. varial flip front crook... that's not even the OMG trick tho!!! You'll see!

Bullet just don't care..
Bullet just get's it done..
Bullet is foreeeaaalll.
Bullet <3

Quetonto aka Tatortots aka Non angry-man Presents Solo #5!

This is why I love Tonto.. Not to play favorites but tonto is definitely inmy smiley face factor right now..


Put Up or Shut Up.

This is just an example of what I mean. No dis to Flying Seel. That's the homie.

Regardless of whether he said to remake the full, or just the banger, it was all done.

People always hollering about tricks being easy or fools not being able to re-do a trick or a part. NYC is the first person I've seen re-make a set video when "called" on it. This is what EVERYONE needs to do when they accuse someone of not being able to skate as "hard" or "good" as someone does. I myself go for shit that looks dope as hell and to make it look "raunchy" is difficult to me.

Something that is difficult to one person might be easy as hell for the other person to do. We set our own difficulties and we don't even know it. NYC stepped up and dropped one.

So the next time ANYBODY goes hollering that "you cant do this" stuff.. PUT UP OR SHUT UP!..

And I'm only speaking on the intent, regardless of who made the video.

I know if I ever said somebody's shit was too easy to do, I'll be supplying a video to back it up ;)

Oh and PS... I think I just thought of a new "series" of things to do.. Where we all make a vid, and try to copy the exact same video within a set time. Call it "Put Up"

Details coming up soon.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alright check it.

It wouldn't be right to say I'm back, but me and my hometown hommies are putting together a full length on skate 2. Their learning how to play the game while getting clips. Which also means my first full sized part will be debuted in the video since I am no longer an active Hoodlum. So look out for that in the next month or two. Peace out and remember to stay high.

Hoodlum, Forever.

Vice Vice Baby

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hoodlum Family Presents Hostlile's Own Evil twin brother... THREAT!

NEW Hostile Sub-branch..

We're getttingggggg accctiiiiiveeeeeee....

HOODLUM!!!! (I hate wegame)

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