Saturday, February 13, 2010

GL: Gratuitous Leftovers

These are the leftovers from my GL part...both this and my GL part are two of my favorites...there are some iffy clips in here, but that's why they're leftovers.

From my first day on the forums I knew if I would ever be on a team it would be Hoodlum, and if they never came knockin then I just wouldn't be on a team. But hey, here we are....Love you guys.


ps. That's why i worked so hard on my first's a link because I'm not gonna embed two videos...that's an asshole move.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quadruple OG

1:47 - pre speed glitch gap clay found, shit was hard as fuck, shoulda been in the room when kush ollied that shit for the first time niggas were wildin' out.

2:27 - I did that cause BKS thought the were hard for kickflipping it.

3:10 - we would sesh this gap for hours, less that 3 pushes then pop, hard as fuck, rememeber when goon kickflipped that shit right in front of me and my jaw dropped, then mack nollie tre'd. Those black ass motherfuckasssss.

3:28 - I thought i was nice for getting stupid tech on that picnic table ahahahaaa

Pool seshin with goon and cuz before any other niggas even knew their gamertags.

On some Young Buck shit...
I wanna cry.

No six degrees, I ain't hella gay, I don't care if youve seen the picture of hitman ass raping me in elementary, get in the car.

Oh and Get Money Click if you read this, you cousin never told me how big her butthole was.

ps, Magic did a nollie tripple heel on a stupid nigga gap that he got clowned on for for ages.




Sunday, February 7, 2010

my remembrance to GL...

started filming back in march 08. finished by the end of april i believe it was. first one to finish filming as well. then volcom or ablindkid i cant remember. my first video that i actually took a good chunk of time to edit. finally june comes and people are still filming so i decided to make a re-edit of my part, ya know throw some new clips in here and there and with a diferent song. turned out my second edit was alot better then my first. here it is:

p.s. the best times were back then. wish it could be like og days. where no one gave a fuck about nothing and everyone was actually chill as hell.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

MY Rememberance to GL

Busting my e-ass and recording over 1000 clips then not getting put in over some bullshit.

Old website drafts, bios, history, all that shit.

I miss Hoodlum Family 2008.


MY Rememberance to GL

We started filming in fucking MARCH. I believe blackhawk was the first to finish filming? Either him or Holden (Who was Volcomston3d back then) and we ran at our own pace until about december 27th. We weren't even like.... fucking 80% done. We had to rush it before the demo dropped, and it wasn't the normal ol' whatever kind of rush. This was like... the most serious of any kind of SERIOUSNESS you could get out of a game. It was like.. shit.. This was more than just a game to us at that moment. It was like a fucking JOB with no pay. The benefits were the end result. To see that final page go up after EmmitBrown hooked up the flash portal. Everything was ready to go. We had the best presentation for a full length in OG skate. May not have been the best full length, but we damn sure did make it look pretty. Longest Full length in skate history (a whopping 62 minutes) Man.. We got fucking STRIPES off of GL, dude. It got a lot of hate, which ultimately bared its own truth. We had a GREAT video.

Hoodlum Forever!!